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Business Turnaround

In business, sometimes things do not turn out the way you would like, or expect. You might get into financial difficulty for several different reasons, or you may just be breaking even, or even just making a very small profit.

People have different motivations for getting into business, for a business to be healthy and to able to fulfil its purpose, it needs to make money.  Often you end up stuck, you would like to grow, or get out of the challenge you are in, but you need money. So, you need money to make money, but to get an investment or a loan from traditional financial institutions, you typically need to;

  • illustrate that you do not need the money (which doesn’t make sense)

  • you must risk your house to get any finance

Our business turnaround solutions are proven and we offer business owners risk-free ways to dramatically increase the value of their business, ready for an exit, merger or continued operations.

We have worked with businesses in an administration, Creditors Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) or with companies that are simply struggling to make profits. Most of the time we can get you out of your financial challenges, without doing a CVA and charging fees. This keeps your reputation with the customers and drastically helps you get through your difficult time. We provide unrivalled strategies and expertise and can provide you with solutions, so you can not only survive, but allow the company to thrive and achieve its potential without a CVA or CVA financing

Our aim is to provide business owners rewards for all their hard work and what is great for you, is knowing that we do not take any fees or receive any benefits until we have delivered on our promises.

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